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Fertility/Infertility & Implications Counselling

As a member of the Canadian Andrology and Fertility Society, we follow their standards of practise for counselling and attempt to maintain up-to-date knowledge within the field of fertility counselling. Betty Ann McPherson is also a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and has completed the following Mental Health Professional Training through ASRM; Basic Infertility, Treatment Interventions and Counselling for Contemporary Family Building. Click here to view a list of completed training and qualifications.

 What is Implications Counselling? 

Implications Counselling is required by all fertility clinics in advance of a donor. We provide this required service in a non-judgmental, open-minded atmosphere, with the goal of improving patient awareness, understanding and knowledge, while reducing anxiety and identifying concerns. This type of counselling is NOT designed as an assessment. We aim to have clients leave their appointment feeling more empowered and confident in their choices.

When a couple is involved, both partners must attend the implications counselling session, which typically is completed in a one-hour appointment.  Very rarely we will require a follow-up appointment.  We work closely with clients to:

  • Prepare emotionally, medically and logistically

  • Explore, validate and help set expectations

  • Answer questions, provide information and identify concerns

  • Provide solution options to potential and actual challenges

  • Explore if ongoing supports/additional information would be beneficial moving forward

As implications counselling is a clinic requirement prior to proceeding with many types of treatments, notes are taken during the session and a report summarizing discussion points is sent to the fertility clinic, typically within 2 weeks of the session date. As such, a consent form authorizing the writing and release of this report is required in advance of this type of appointment. 


This type of counselling appointment is an important step prior to moving forward.  Discussing expectations and concerns with a trained reproductive counsellor from the start, is essential in ensuring positive outcomes for everyone or in some situations, identifying concerns which may result in new choices.

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I believe...

Everyone deserves to build a family and we support inclusivity and welcome people from across the full spectrum of lived experience, regardless of their gender identification, gender expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion or ability.
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