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First Blog Post

This is my first blog on this site.  I have been running therapeutic writing workshops for women for several years now, and have never found time within my own hectic schedule to blog.  I am a prolific reader, and probably spend most of my free time either reading books, or listening to audio books (while walking my dogs Angel and Jethro).  Angel and Jethro require several walks a day, a week, a year, and so it is easy to imagine that I get through several books a year.  But I digress….

Needless to say, that writing has not been my priority.  I write “progress notes” and “case notes” and letters, and reports throughout most of my spare time, which is always work related.  This I would like to keep to myself. A chance for me to capture some of the journeys I have been a part of, including my only journeys through life – heartache, loss, depression, anxiety, panic, love, joy, determination, faith, healing…

And  use a lot of “….” so get use to them.

In the past two weeks I have been inspired by two writers in particular – two very different types of writers.  Firstly, Jenny Lawson tackles her own demons with humour, sarcasm, and at times shocking truth in her book “Furiously Happy:  A Funny Book about Horrible Things”.  I cannot help but envy her candour, as she exposes her unfiltered thoughts for all to read, hear and experience.  I was laughing out loud, and cringing at the same time – wishing I had the ovaries to say what she spews forth on pages for the masses.

Secondly, Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Big Magic:  Creative Living Beyond Fear” encourages us to dive in – right now – don’t wait, just begin.  If you have a creative idea, a concept, and feel that you need to explore that area of your life – whether it be pottery, jewellery making, painting, writing – that you just begin where you are and practice, practice, practice.  So that is what I am doing right now.  Practicing the art of blog-writing – an opportunity for me to get some of my thoughts down as I continue on this journey called life.

For now, suffice to say, I will continue to walk my dogs, listen, think, explore, and hopefully share some of my sage advice within these “pages”.   In the meantime, here are my masterful best friends, who force me to walk several times a week.  Jethro, the great dane, with his hammerhead –  smashing me with his jaw-strong face at 6:00 every morning.  And Angel, a shih tzu, who dances/dodges around his feet eagerly in sweet happy anticipation of this shared walk.  

Well….they aren’t exactly walking here…this is actually at the days end…

walks all finished….crashing on my bed…

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